Pieces To Perfection!

On-site Assembly of Furniture and Other Kits



We’ll Be There

Insured and Professional.. always

Let Us Assemble Your Purchase

You found the right product, but it will be delivered in a box or two… in pieces. Who will put all those parts together correctly? 

Call us to assemble your:

          * Entertainment Centers

          * Furniture

          * Desks

          * Office Furnishings

          * Shelving

          * Cabinets

          * Bicycles

          * Toys

          * Exercise Equipment

          * Other Kits 


We come to your location and assemble the parts right on the spot. Les & Tami Moyer are your trustworthy team to complete your project correctly and on time. We have the tools, we have the experience, we have the integrity.

Don’t be concerned with ‘Some Assembly Required’. We’ll take care of that. We read and follow instructions!